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I am an individual and not a business can you work with me?
Absolutely! Today we are all individual brands selling our personal image to perspective employers , employees and prospective customers.
How long does it take to build a website ?

The best answer we can give is  “It depends”.  Your website is unique to your brand and product you are advertising.

  • A simple informational site can be built in a little over a day if all of the relevant information is provided upfront.
  • Ecommerce site builds will depend on how many “products” are to be placed in the store and how complex each product listing will be.

A good rule of thumb is to estimate 2 to 4 hour investment per page.  Depending on the complexity of elements present on each page it could take longer or shorter.

What is digital brand management and does my business need it?
Most of the time the only and only chance you have to engage customers is through devices such as phones, tablets and pc’s. If your internet (digital) brand image isn’t consistent then customers will literally swipe to your competitor.
Does my business or brand need internet marketing?
Simply put YES! There are over a billion websites present on the internet. With all of the competition out there the only way to get known is to market and advertise your brand.
Does internet marketing replace Radio, TV, News print, Billboards ?
Traditional media platforms are all great marketing mediums for particular marketing objectives. Our goal is to supplement your existing campaigns with right fit marketing.
If I build a website will customers come?

The build and they will come story is a little more than an urban legend. While it is possible to happen in some situations  it very rarely does. Typically to get your website seen an additional investment in direct and indirect marketing will need to be made.

Do you perform all of your work inhouse?
We do try to keep most work inhouse. When our client requires a specialized skill we rely on our highly talent pool of consultants to reserve the right talent.
What the turnaround time on photo editing?
Depending on the type of touch up work, the typical turnaround for a set of 20 images can be between 3 to 6 business days. We know our clients would love to see their photos and will try to get the images completed as quickly as possible.
What services does FlameGrower offer?
Our goal is to tell our clients stories using digital media. Essentially bring them to their target audience.

We will utilize photography , videography, graphic design, website design or internet marketing to reach that goal.

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