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Just what is digital real estate…and why is it important?

There is more than one kind of real estate. The first example is your traditional real estate. You have a home or an apartment and an address that tells people where to find you.

It’s the same thing in virtual space. Your domain name, your Facebook account, your Yelp listing – all are examples of your digital real estate.

 Get your digital property before it’s gone

 When the next social platform emerges, you’ll want to reserve your name on it, sooner rather than later. With millions of people and billions of websites, it’s only a matter of time before your name is reserved by someone else. And if someone does snag your name, there are one of three things that will likely happen next.

One, you’ll be stuck in litigation trying to get your name back.

Two, you’ll have to pay a fee – perhaps in addition to a legal fee – to reclaim your name.

Three, you will have to create a variation of your domain name.

So your digital real estate is just that, your real estate in the cloud.

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