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Magnificent Mind Counseling

Personal and Professional Counseling Services

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Magnificent Mind Counseling is here to help you reach your personal and/or professional goals. Whether you’re trying to make career changes or simply looking to feel joyful and at peace. Our hope is that everyone of our clients takes the opportunity to live a purposeful life by recognizing and accepting that life is not always as planned. Life gets hard and unpredictable. We’re here to assist you to reach your full potential by providing the tools you need and find balance in a compassionate, professional and nonjudgmental environment.

Life is full of surprises and mystery which can cause uncertainty and fear. These curve balls life throws can lead to a natural imbalance in your brain leaving you feeling anxious, depressed and lost. You don’t need to go through this journey alone, let us help you find the joy and peace you’re looking for with evidence base treatments.