Update Your Businesses Website and Social Media After a Move

Standardize your brand image

So here’s the scenario. You’re a growing business which has just moved to a new location.

New stationery? Check.
New business cards? Done.

But you can’t do it all. Did I mention you’re a growing business? So you’ve delegated the web site maintenance to someone else. And maybe your new address and contact information is on the website and other appropriate web platforms. But maybe it isn’t. People who want to find you can’t and perhaps a negative review of your business ends up online.

Here’s another one: do you detail your products and services online? If those are not kept up to date, you run the risk of disappointing a customer who comes to see you with a certain expectation.

But fear not. There are easy, effective ways to corral all your information and make sure it’s consistent.

Find out how they know you

Ask customers how they found out about you. This could be in person or online. Then seek out the platforms that they told you about and analyze them. These platforms could include Google, Yelp or Bing. Ensure that they have your correct contacts, phone number, address, URL, Twitter handle, etc.

Once that’s done, check out the logos they have for your business. Is it the most recent one? Is it the one you want to represent your business?

Now, what about your brand story? Is what you want people to know about you and your business consistent across all platforms?

Snags along the way

It’s possible that you may have lost – or never got – the password that gives you access to change your online information.

Don’t panic. The online companies that list your business are a business just like you. They want the information on their sites to be correct so that people value their business.

Reach out to them, either through their online support form or their toll-free number. Someone will help you update your information, or they’ll do it for you.

Once that’s done, you’re golden. Your brand image is standardized.